Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) Foundation – Fairfax, VA

SIR Foundation is a scientific foundation dedicated to fostering research in interventional radiology for the purposes of advancing scientific knowledge, increasing the number of skilled investigators, and developing innovative therapies that lead to improved patient care and quality of life.  The Foundation is committed to developing and enhancing innovative, minimally invasive, image-guided therapies from inception to mature clinical application and to conducting educational programs in the service of its mission.

In 2006, SIR Foundation engaged The Sheridan Group to conduct a Campaign Readiness Assessment and a 45-interview Feasibility Study on behalf of a multi-million dollar case for support for current program and endowment funding for Research Grants, Educational Initiatives and Clinical Trial Development.

The Assessment and Study Reports pointed out that while SIR Foundation had reached a state of readiness through the momentum of its ongoing development program and relationships with current members, it was not yet ready to proceed with a campaign approach to its key industry partners.  The Sheridan Group accordingly recommended that separate, sequenced campaigns be launched:

  • A Membership Campaign (with an internally focused Leadership Gifts Phase, followed by a Public Phase to the entire membership), followed by
  • An Industry Campaign (deferred until 2010, will initiate a Leadership Gifts Phase followed by a Public Phase)

The SIR Foundation completed the Membership Phase of The Discovery Campaign on December 31, 2009, raising more than $2.7 million toward its $2.5 million goal.  This represents a monumental achievement for the SIR Foundation, as its previous campaign, which ended in 2000, raised a total of $650,000 from the entire SIR membership.  The Foundation initiated the Industry Phase of the Campaign in 2010.